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Mikindani Sunset Lodge is JoHo World Insurances Partner

It is always important to have a suitable cancellation- and travel/volunteer insurance when you go abroad. Many travel insurances do not cover (voluntary) work, internships or extreme sports and have a limited validity. Mikindani advices you to use the services of JoHo Insurances. JoHo Insurances specializes in insuring volunteers, interns, travellers and expats worldwide. Click here for more information and to apply for an insurance directly online!




Mikindani Sunset Lodge is JoHo World Supporter Partner

JoHo cares for the interests of travellers, world-citizens and everyone who takes part in international cooperation. The main focuses are stimulating and facilitating international contacts as well as sharing and passing on knowledge through worldwide and online support centers.

JoHo World Supporters (Joho Members) get a discount of 10% on our offers of Mikindani Sunset Lodge, safaris and trips in Mombasa.




Jacyjoka is a place for Internships of Butterfly4Volunteers.    http://www.butterfly4volunteers.org/en/whole-year-summer-internship


We, Butterfly4Volunteers, are like butterflies which fly from flower to flower in search of nectar and in the process helping pollen to drop from one flower to the other, thereby aiding fertilization. So as butterflies we work with volunteers and interns from countries all over the world, offering assistance in the exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas. By doing so, we hope to contribute to meaningful developments, improving the living standard of the less privileged and giving them a chance for a better life.




Jacyjoka is a partner of Netherken Safaris & Tours.  http://www.netherken.com/en/
With Netherken, you are assured of seeing the big 5 of savana plains in the most beautiful game parks of Africa.

http://letmego.com/ Let hotels, b&bs, and vacation rentals compete for your stay

http://letmego.com/mombasa/174970/ Jacyjoka Apartments ook op Letmego

http://www.msafinihotel.co.ke/  For a good place to be on Lamu


http://www.golftravelguide.com/ Play golf in Kenya and stay at Jacyjoka.


http://www.heartwillteyi.org/ Travel Volunteer Cross- culture Organization