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is an exciting country that offers tremendous variety. The country is known and loved for it' spectacular nature and wildlife. The vast savannas and dry wilderness, harbour and enormous diversity of animals. From the elegant giraffe to the magnificent African lion. Jacyjoka and its partner Netherken Safari's can offer you dedicated trips and safari's to enjoy the wonders of nature. But Kenya offers more, like beautiful beaches, modern cities and interesting culture. The gentle people of Kenya, the tribes of Masai, the historical sights and beautiful buildings. The exotic atmosphere mixed with African lifestyle. Come and enjoy this variety of Kenya with Jacyjoka.




The second city of Kenya bathes in water. Mombasa is based on an island, attached to the mainland by bridges and boats. It is a harbour town building on a rich history, of trade and war. In Swahili the city is named Kisiwa Cha Mvita (or Mvita for short), which means "Island of War". These wars made Mombasa a great cultural melting pot. A blend of African, Arab, European and even Asian culture. This history is still vibrantly alive in the old town. But Mombasa is also a fascinating cosmopolitan city, living in the present. At the typical pace of a warm exotic country.


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Jacyjoka Apartments is based in Nyali, an estate within Mombasa. Nyali is situated in the North East about 7 km from the city centre. It has a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, with beautiful buildings, villas and rich gardens.


All entertainment can be found in walking distance. A mere 6 minutes walk takes you to the renowned white beaches of Nyali. A 4 minute stroll takes you to the Nyali golf court. In 7 minutes you'll be shopping in a large, modern shopping mall. And in 10 minutes you can swing your way into one of the many soulful disco's, filled with African beats.


This perfect location makes Jacyjoka apartments an excellent place to stay. You can relax, stay at home, or go out for a day. Visit our Trips, activities and Safari pages to plan your getaway.




Mombasa international airport: 12km



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